Pattern Formation in Multi-Cellular Systems: New Tools for Analysis and Design
Mon., Sept 17, 2012
2:30 - 3:30 PM
521 Cory Hall (Hogan Room)
In this talk we will present our ongoing work on analyzing and designing patterns of gene expression in multi-cellular systems. After a brief overview, we will focus on a particular patterning mechanism in which the cells inhibit their immediate neighbors through cell-to-cell contact signaling. We will present a broad dynamical model to represent this mechanism and reveal the key properties of the model that are necessary for patterning. The model consists of subsystems representing the signaling reactions in individual cells, interconnected according to an undirected graph describing which cells are in contact. We will present verifiable conditions that determine when the spatially homogeneous steady-state loses its stability and what types of spatial patterns emerge. In particular, we will present a technique that exploits graph symmetries to predict patterns.
UC Berkeley Networking
Ashwin Pananjady and Orhan Ocal
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