This seminar is open to everyone interested in current research in information systems and sciences. It is designed to present current topics of interest and provide a forum for interactions between fellow researchers with diverse interests. For Fall 2015, the regular seminar time is Mondays, 3-4PM in 400 Cory Hall.



Mon, Aug. 31 Mean-Field Limits of Randomized Load Balancing Networks

Kavita Ramanan

Dept. of Applied Math, Brown University

400 Cory , 3-4PM

Tue, Sep. 1 Games with vector payoffs: a dynamic programming approach*

Vijay Kamble

Dept. of EECS, UC Berkeley

400 Cory , 1-2PM

Mon, Sep. 21 Sum of squares Lower bounds for Hidden Clique and Hidden Submatrix Problems

Yash Deshpande

Dept. of EE, Stanford University

400 Cory , 3-4PM

Mon, Sep. 28 Graph capacity, broadcast rate and local repair

Arya Mazumdar

Dept. of ECE, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

400 Cory , 3-4PM

Mon, Oct. 12 Exact and asymptotic results for the random connection model

Günter Last

Dept. of Mathematics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

400 Cory , 3-4PM

Wed, Oct. 14 Online Robust PCA or Online Sparse + Low-Rank Matrix Recovery

Namrata Vaswani

Dept. of ECE, Iowa State University

400 Cory , 2-3PM

Fri, Oct. 16 Learning (from) networks: fundamental limits, algorithms, and applications

Soheil Feizi

Dept. of EECS, MIT

400 Cory , 11AM-12PM

Mon, Oct. 19 Communication in Strategic Environments: Crawford-Sobel Meet Shannon

Emrah Akyol

Dept. of ECE, UIUC

400 Cory , 3-4PM

Mon, Oct. 26 Universal random number generation from finite memory sources

Marcelo Weinberger

UC Berkeley and Center for Science of Information

400 Cory , 3-4PM

Mon, Nov. 2 Super-Resolution of Positive Sources

Veniamin Morgenshtern

Dept. of Statistics, Stanford University

400 Cory , 3-4PM

Thu, Nov. 5 A Stronger Soft-Covering Lemma that assures Semantic Security in Wiretap Channels

Paul Cuff

Dept. of EE, Princeton University

400 Cory , 11AM-12PM

Wed, Dec. 2 Privacy-Preserving Messaging and Search: A Collaborative Approach*

Giulia Fanti

Dept. of EECS, UC Berkeley

380 Soda , 11AM-12PM

*This is the speaker's dissertation talk.
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