EECS 290Q: Project Abstracts

Renegotiated Transmission of Scalable Video
Dan Tan

Because of the varying amount of spatial and temporal correlations among video frames, constant quality video sources are necessarily variable bit rate. Furthermore, these VBR sources often exhibit burstiness in multiple time scales. To transport these sources using a simple CBR approach, one could set the drain rate close to the peak rate, resulting in poor network utilization, or one could set the drain rate close to the mean rate, requiring large buffers to reduce the probability of buffer overflow.

A renegotiated scheme enables the sources to temporarily increase their service rates, effectively reducing the need for large buffers. The project aims to compare and evaluate the performance of renegotiated schemes to pure CBR schemes as well as some of its variants. Layered coded video sources are used so that actual video could be reconstructed even when loss do occur.

UCB Networking / Matt Siler April 19, 1996