EECS 290Q: Project Abstracts

Resource Management for Video Sources Using VBR and RCBR Services
Matt Siler

As large-scale video services become available, the Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network will be required to provide the interconnectivity to support these new applications. To maintain the high quality of service required by video applications, the underlying ATM network must be able to provide real-time delivery of video cells with little cell loss in the network. This requires an intelligent ATM switch that can properly manage its resources. Traditionally, Variable Bit Rate service has been the most likely choice for providing video service because it allows several video streams to be statistically multiplexed onto the same channel to increase bandwidth utilization. Recently, however, Renegotiated Constant Bit Rate has been proposed to provide more protection for video calls at the cost of decreasing the statistical multiplexing gain. In this paper, these two approaches will be compared in regards to bandwidth estimation techniques, admission control algorithms, and session controllers. Both approaches are fundamentally different in how they guarantee service, and this allows users to choose the best approach for their particular video application.

UCB Networking / Matt Siler April 19, 1996