EECS 290Q: Project Abstracts

A pricing based interface system between the user and a multi-service network.
Kirill Mostov

The Internet is now undergoing a major reconstruction from an educational project to a privately owned network. Once the Internet is run entirely by commercial carriers, all costs and profits will be recovered through charges and pricing schemes. Internet service providers will face the problem of bandwidth allocation and cost recovery for the usage of the congestible resource, which will be shared by many users. In the new competitive environment providers, who will manage to achieve efficient network utilization will be able to maximize their profits and expand their capacity. It is expected that those providers will win the market, who will have the capability to meter individual user traffic. It would be essential to present users with prices and charges in a way that encourages them to declare the amount of individual usage before the call admission. If the statistical properties of the calls are known, then they could be effectively integrated through statistical multiplexing. I propose a user interface, which is intended to help individual users declare their network usage per connection. The characteristics of the usage propagate to the admission controller and the backbone network and allow for efficient integration of calls to share a common resource. Stimulation of users to declare their bandwidth with maximum accurately is achieved through a proposed pricing scheme. Users are charged for the declared usage and are penalized for going "over-board".

UCB Networking / Matt Siler April 19, 1996